Allergy Therapy Costs

A $4.5 billion dollar problem!

If you suffer from allergies, then you know they can make you feel miserable. Whether your allergies are caused by mold, animals, food, or pollen, you want relief, and you want it fast!

The Allergy Report, published by The Task Force on Allergic Disorders, stated in their March 2000 issue that “more than 50 million Americans suffer from allergic diseases. Allergic rhinitis, the most common of them, is associated with direct costs of about $4.5 billion annually. In addition, others have estimated that lost productivity due to symptoms of allergic rhinitis and some treatments costs the U.S. an additional $4 billion each year.”

It goes on to report that allergies cause 3.8 million days each year of lost time at both work and school. On average, allergy sufferers report being less productive when suffering from symptoms. Studies have found that this is true, with allergy sufferers being about 26% less productive than their non-allergy suffering coworkers.

Since so many people suffer with allergies and the impact on one’s workplace and home life is obvious, what can an allergy sufferer do to get help? One of the most important steps is to determine the cause of your allergy and treat it properly. Since there is no cure, proper treatment goes a long way towards controlling your symptoms, providing allergy relief and improving your quality of life. Make an appointment with an ENT physician (Ear, Nose and Throat) and be prepared to share basic information about when you first noticed your symptoms, when your symptoms most frequently occur, what kinds of medications you take and anything that makes your symptoms better or worse.

Your physician will explain how to avoid the allergens to relieve your symptoms. For example, if the cause is a pet, one of your doctor’s treatment goals will be to find a way to ease your symptoms while continuing to live with your pets. If your allergy stems from pollen or another type of outdoor allergen, your doctor will work with you to develop a treatment that will allow you to continue to enjoy outdoor activities while living with your allergies. There are a number of treatment options available that can help you reach these goals.

There many effective over-the-counter medications to help relieve your allergy symptoms that include sprays, pills, topical steroids, decongestants and moisturizers. Your doctor is best qualified to diagnose your allergy and formulate the appropriate treatment plan. This is one of the reasons why it is important to seek the care of a physician experienced in treating allergy sufferers.

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Dr. Franklin Douglis is Board Certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery (Ear, Nose, and Throat) and has passed his certification in Sleep Medicine.  Dr. Douglis is a recent Diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine.  He attended the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine and completed his specialty training at the University of Maryland Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. He has a strong interest in general health and overall wellness.  Dr. Douglis has been practicing medicine in Conroe, Montgomery County Texas, Spring, Harris County Texas and the Houston area since 1982.  This site is intended for U.S. Residents only.

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