Say good-bye to the sneezing and itching 

The Ear Nose Throat Allergy Snoring Center has treated allergies successfully for many years.

For allergy treatment, you may be familiar with allergy shots.  And they do have a very high success rate. Of course we offer these, after  allergy testing

But we also provide a more recent--and more pleasant--treatment of under-the-tongue drops.

Unfortunately allergy drops are not usually covered by insurance. But we know that cost is an issue for many of our patients. We can make them more affordable for you. 

What causes allergies?

Allergies begin in your immune system--where for some reason you begin to react to a certain substance.  This could be mold, pollen, trees, animals, or even certain foods. When you eat or touch that substance, your body’s immune system reacts by sending out special chemicals, called histamines.

What you feel is intense itching, swelling, or production of mucus, hives, rashes , and perhaps even muscle spasms.

Types of allergies and their symptoms

Allergens that are inhaled, like pollen from grass or trees, for instance--typically cause symptoms like stuffy nose, an itchy throat, mucus, coughing and maybe even wheezing.

Food allergies can cause abdominal pain and vomiting and even diarrhea.   Allergies to plants such as poison ivy cause skin rashes.  Allergies to medications may involve many organs of the body.

Of course, symptoms vary from person to person, with some people suffering only slightly, perhaps a mild itching and watering of the eyes, while others find they must stay home in bed. Sometimes people experience reactions so severe they can be life-threatening. This is called anaphylaxis.

While all of these symptoms are frightening, it may be comforting to know that allergies are very common. If you suspect you are suffering from allergies, come in for allergy testing.  When we know what exactly is causing you to react, we can provide allergy treatment to reduce your symptoms so you can get back to enjoying life.

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Blades of Grass with Dew

Grass allergies are common, as are allergies to pollen of many trees and flowers. Many people also suffer from food allergies.

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