Nutrition to Maximize Health and Longevity

As physician I have learned that healthy nutrition is very important to longevity and diet can help prevent or cure many medical conditions. that otherwise require expensive and possibly dangerous drugs to control. Diabetes, Cancer, and Heart disease have all been strongly linked to poor diet and obesity. Early death is associated with all of these conditions.

Many other chronic conditions are associated with diet and lifestyle. We are evolved and adapted to function best in an environment that vanished thousands of years ago with the advent of agriculture. Paleolithic man did not require vitamins and supplementation. What we call "vitamins" were so prevalent in the diet at that time that there was no need for our bodies to develop a biochemical pathway to synthesize them. Today these nutrients are not so readily available in our diet, and since our bodies can not manufacture them, we must take them as "supplements" to maintain optimum health.

We plan to use this website and its sister website to summarize research on health, nutrition and longevity and provide practical advice for increasing own healthy lifespan.

Over the past several years considerable research has been done on diet, dietary supplements, and longevity. Certain dietary supplements have been shown to increase lifespan (in animals) 25%! We will also review the role these supplements may play in your health strategy.

We have provided resources for the information and products to help you develop a long and healthy life.

The most important first step for most people is attaining a healthy weight

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Making sure you are getting everything you need

Choosing a Multivitamin for healthy nutrition

Certain Substances Have been Shown to Increase Healthy Lifespan In Animals

This has been to shown to increase longevity up to 25%

Nitric Oxide has been shown to be essential for vascular health

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