Choosing a multivitamin can be confusing. There are many multivitamins available. Some are packaged in a pill that remains intact through your digestive system. You can find them floating on top of the septic tank. Others have varying degrees of absorption.

The composition of multivitamins is not standard, and in fact the quality of the chemicals used in the multivitamin can vary as well. Some use manufactured chemicals while other companies use "natural" forms. Some companies try to include large portions of the plants which provide the vitamins. Although this results in far greater bulk, it also means that your body is getting a combination of nutrients more like what you would get in nature.

To help us in choosing a multivitamin Julie and I have used a reference tool which evaluates the composition of vitamins and rates them. We have also interviewed a number of manufactures (including the men who actually designed the mixture of vitamins and nutrients in the vitamin blend) at the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine.

We have come across several companies we feel produce a quality product. Since these companies usually sell only to physicians, we are in the process of obtaining permission to make our "number" available to our patients so they can order directly from the company.

In cases where the company does sell to the public using this number will usually get you a discount.

I plan to write articles axplaining why I think the various supplements are important and what I think they can do for you on our sister site

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Choosing a multivitamin: DaVinci produces several products we have used. Their multivitamin is excellent. We also use their Infinate Nutrition Powder. Although it seems expensive, it includes a number of additional supplements. When I used to buy these separately so I actually save money buying everything together.