Hearing Loss and Rehabilitation

Hearing loss can abound from many different factors, including wax impaction or merely complications related to a person's age. Dizziness can also be a factor in hearing loss. The most common issue related to dizziness or balance problems are disorders within the inner ear. Other common causes for dizziness are high blood pressure, anemia or bacterial infections. A variety of tests can be conducted to detect the cause of dizziness, so we can effectively treat the problem.

We are trained to recognize and diagnose the causes of hearing loss, and we can help you by providing a full range of hearing aid services.

We offer an array of hearing aids for all ages by Oticon, a leading manufacturer in hearing aid services. Altaâ„¢, a voice-activated hearing aid, is fully digital and features VoiceFinder and OpenEar Acoustics technology. Along with the Nera hearing aid, both use state-of-the-art technology to produce outstanding sound quality and can be customized to fit your needs. The Sensei is specifically engineered to meet your child's needs. Also fully digital, this instrument is effective in making speech easier to hear as well as understand, which is important in your child's language development.

Prevention is always key when it comes to your hearing. We recommend Westone customer earpieces for personal stereos and AquaNotâ„¢ swim plugs to help protect your hearing from some of your daily activities. Talk with our staff for more ways to prevent hearing loss.